I could not be more enthusiastic to announce the launch of Eats Lingerie.

Do we want to be the sexiest lingerie brand on the planet? Of course we do. And it’s with the love and support of an entire community that we throw ourselves headlong into this lofty endeavor – because we created a brand of lingerie specifically for all the strong, confident, sexy women who’ve collaborated with Eats.

I know the idea of launching a lingerie brand may seem to have come out of left field, but the genesis of this project was borne over 2 years ago. Lingerie found Eats. This was before we started monetizing our content and Eats was structured differently. We made money via product placement on our Instagram, along with campaigns we were hired to create (for instance the campaign we created for Alexis Ren’s athleisure brand). I, personally, continued to shoot big-budget music videos and tv commercials for Carl’s Jr, which was how I financed Eats up to that point. Somehow within that, I would shoot hundreds of girls for Eats and sat in a unique position to hear feedback on the apparel they wore.

Before I go into more detail about Eats Lingerie I want to highlight a common, undeniable theme for every person I filmed. The better someone felt in the clothes they wore, the better they looked on camera. Always. If Rihanna wanted to wear ballet shoes and dance on point in Umbrella or Miley rocked short-shorts so short in Party in the USA that the Disney execs suffered nervous breakdowns – if they felt great, they owned it, and regardless of how something looks on the hanger, it’s the moment you own your look that the camera sees someone at their confident best.

Sitting behind the curtain listening to girls in the Eats wardrobe room, I would hear feedback about everything and – especially with lingerie – the #1 criteria for feeling like you own it was FIT. A lot of bras looked amazing but could not be more uncomfortable. A ton of bottoms have creative-looking g-strings but neglect to consider how the waistline could be altered to elongate the legs – or flatter the booty by how it’s framed by silky, gentle straps.

With that being said, there are a couple of hallmarks with every collection that will be unique to Eats. First of all: FIT. When girls put on our lingerie we want them to KNOW they look their best and therefore feel their best. Secondly, each Eats Lingerie set will be adorned by a tiny gold Eats-themed cherry charm. Reflecting the confident, sexy and whimsical nature of the brand. Lastly, we want everything to be maximum SEXY all the time. This means demi cup bras, lots of exposed booty so we see more skin, translucent and lace fabrics so we can amp up the sexy factor even more. But – most importantly – lingerie is intimate, so we want your experience with Eats Lingerie to feel personal.

In order to create the most exclusive experience possible we are producing each collection in strictly limited numbers with only 200 sets available at a time. Because not just any model can become an Eats girl – we wanted our line to feel similarly special and rare. Once a never-to-be-repeated lingerie collection is sold out, consumers will need to wait until the following month for us to launch the next collection.

Thank you for learning more about our new venture and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve put so much work into creating.

Chris Applebaum